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GRID'2008. International Conference Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education. LIT. JINR.
International Conference "Distributed computing and Grid technologies in science and education"
    English    ГРИД 2008. Международная конференция Распределённые вычисления и Грид-технологии в науке и образовании.    Русский


The 3-rd International Conference
"Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education"

June 30 - July 4, 2008
Dubna, Russia

The International Conference "Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education" will take place in the Laboratory of Information Technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research from June 30 to July 4, 2008.

It is a third conference on this topic that is held by the Laboratory of information technologies of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. From the year of holding the first conference, Grid and distributed computations have exceeded the limits of only scientific applications. The present-day Grid-technologies allow one to integrate the computer centers located in different parts of the world and to provide the world community with their computing resources. The innovative technologies peculiar to our time demand the development of enormous, high-performance computations. Not only different areas of natural sciences but also industry and business have to deal with huge volumes of information. The Grid changes the technique of scientific research and starts influencing the commercial and financial world. The distributed information network Grid- environment created for the last few years is capable of solving a wide spectrum of problems that require processing and analysis of enormous data volumes.

More than 200 specialists from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czechia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and others attended the Second International Conference "GRID-2006". They delivered 96 reports in the field of distributed computing and Grid-technologies. The Proceedings of the Conference have been published ("Distributed Computing and Grid-technologies in Science and Education", Dubna: JINR, 2006-419 pages, ISBN 5-9530-0138-X).

At present GRID is developed in three main directions: 1) creation and development of Grid-infrastructures, 2) academic research, 3) commercial applications. Due to participation in international projects EU DataGrid, EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencЕ), OSG, and NorduGrid, Russian centers and the JINR Member State institutes accumulate experience required for construction of their infrastructure and active participation in the activities on the creation of the global Grid-infrastructure. The Russian segment for intensive operations with data (RDIG) was created as a component of the EGEE infrastructure. Since 2006, the JINR and Russian centers have been participating in the project WLCG - Worldwide LHC Computing Grid - creation of a global infrastructure of the regional centers for processing, storing and analysis of data obtained from LHC experiments (LHC today is a key world-scale project in HEP, its start-up is expected in 2008).

From the moment of holding the Second International Conference GRID'2006, significant success has been achieved in realization of both regional and local, within one institute or center, Grid-projects. The quantity of resource Grid-centers RDIG has been doubled. Work has been actively progressing under the project "SCYTH - Grid" within the programme of scientific and technical cooperation of Russia and Belarus "Development and use of hard- and software tools of Grid-technologies of the perspective high-performance (supercomputer) computing systems of SCYTH family", etc.

The main purpose of the Conference is to discuss a state of affairs in the development of Grid-technologies in Russia and worldwide, to make plans for the further cooperation, to exchange experience on the creation of Grid-infrastructures and the development of Grid-applications in various fields of human's activity. The Conference also provides a way for wide discussions of new results and making closer contacts for the future cooperation.

The Programme of the Conference includes plenary reports (30 mines), sectional reports and poster presentations.

Conference languages - Russian and English.

Important dates

  • Presentation of theses - till May 20, 2008 (on-line at registration or by e-mail)
  • Visa support - till May 15, 2008
  • Registration of participants till June 20, 2008 (on-line)
  • Arrival and hotel accommodation - 29-30 June, 2008
  • Conference: June 30 - July 4, 2008
  • Departure: July 4-5, 2008

Conference Venue

Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR


Address:   141980, Russia, Moscow region,
Dubna, Joliot Curie Street, 6
Phone:   (749621) 64019, 62308, 64797
Fax:   (749621) 65145
E-mail:   grid2008@jinr.ru
URL:   GRID'2008
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
Laboratory of Information Technologies

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